Living with Horror

Living with Horror. The Short documentary video about a person who had been escaping from the terror of suicide bombing from his home country, Afghanistan. Due to war-time, there is less opportunity to be safe even as a local citizen. This story will reveal the struggle of living and the values that could be shared.

Detail Project 

It was hard to find the topic of “Death and Taxes”. I think its normal thing since person with horror experience would not be easy teller. However, I can convince this guy to speak up the life experience that he had passed. Well, actually I merely knew the story when he started to speak. Yeah, it was quite surprising when I know this gonna be hit. Finding someone with the living experience with war zone is rarely. I appreciate this guy to talk to.

For a secret purpose, I should not mention the name of the source as well as the video. I just tell that he want to keep it secretly due to his family safety.

Therefore, you will not find any video related to this story. However, you can find me for a watching request. I am sorry because I need to know the identity of you, once again safety is the most top list in this case.

The preproduction was started on Saturday, in the middle of April 2015. I have already known since we met in Kansas. Now, I met him again in an event in Washington DC recently. When I talked about this topic, he said, “oke and let’s do it tonight.” How can I refuse this friendly acceptance?, while the deadline will come up on the three days ahead.


Saturday night, in Marriott Hotel located at the center of Washington DC, we took a shoot in a hotel room. There was no additional lighting to expose this guy. I forced used a standing lamp and a studying lamp. Still my D90 Nikon could not maximize the proper exposure.

Thursday, February 19, the video shooting began. Since he was an RA, the location was taken place in Hughes Hall. Based on the story, the location matched with the story of him and his experiences in managing the resident’s life. Before shooting, I made the question lists and the storyboard that I showed to him also. This assured me that he known the story line.

This was a short video. Since, the location was narrow and, he wanted it to be shoot secretly. Because this video might affect his safety and also his family. Therefore, at the production, I used a lot of footage from others source.

Although, I just got few footage from real shooting, I try to capture best I can, so these clips might emphasize the quality. I used Adobe Premier to organize and to process the scenes. I added back sound at the intro and the closing scene. I used some footage for to add the drama and supporting the depth of the story. For finishing, I uploaded the video on and But, I must keep it secretly, for a person who need this video may contact me, just PM.

Credit Title

Living with Horror

Thanks to

Mr X

Arkansas Tech University
Multimedia Journalism Major

Back sound



Video Footage

All taken from YouTube

Fox News

Associated Press


Story and Directed

Video Production for New Media
Assignment #9/ April 14, 2015
Iksander @ Production 2015


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