Struggle and Achievement

Struggle and Achievement. This title was assigned for the topic of “Catch in the Middle,” in which, a person in a conflict that he never know. I think the conflict could be something in other form rather than a conflict among two side or part. Conflict could be something that made you think hard to decide. This is the conflict involve two or more interest in your mind. A decision that he make will be a struggle. And, this is the story about it that I want to convey.

Balika is a lecture of chemical in private university in Arkansas. She already started his career in teaching. In other side, she feels confuse about this decision because she is also a housewife. Moreover, she lives separately with her husband. This is a conflict that she has. I think it is a common conflict that human has in daily life. Although it is a common thing, I believe there are some lessons from this story that we would get.

Detail Project 

The preproduction was started a week before. I know her from my friend who introduce her. It was quite hard to convince her about this project. However, I was success to make him to tell the story.

On Friday, April 3. We began the shooting. It located on her home in Clarksville, a nearby city from Russellville, AR. I made the question lists and the storyboard that I showed to her also. This assured me that she known the story line.

We shoot indoor. As usual I looked for a place that near to the window, which can give more ambiance light. It was a Friday afternoon, luckily the sun shines and the clear sky generates more light to fill through the window. I also captured her outdoor and the building itself. The blue sky emphasized the vivid of the scene. I was using Canon Tx3 and 18-55 mm canon lens to create wider and close up scenes. For recording, I used wireless sound recording.

I used Adobe Premier to organize and to process the scenes. I added back sound at the intro and the closing scene. The dynamic rhythm was added to present an active mood. I also include B-Roll to create more original scenes. For finishing, I uploaded the video on and

Credit Title

Struggle and Achievement

Thanks to


Arkansas Tech University
Multimedia Journalism Major

Back sound

(Dewa) Pupus – Classical Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Story and Directed

Video Production for New Media
Assignment #8/ April 4, 2015
Iksander @ Production 2015


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