Extraordinary Me

Extraordinary Me. The short documentary about a man who step out from his comfort zone to find other new goal. It might have changed his life.

Wyatt Tise is an assistant professor in Language department of Tech University. Teaching language from the same alphabet like Germany or France is quite easy but how about a language that totally different. Yes, Japanese is an extremely hard to learn. It is needed a lot of time of learning and doing. Wyatt had proven it. Not only fluent and good lecture, but this experience has made him being “Japanese”.

Detail Project 

The preproduction was started one week before the shooting day. I knew Wise from his friend which also my friend. Taku introduced me with him, and told me a little bit about this “Japanese.” Contact trough texting was successful when we decided for the shooting day.

I borrowed the camera equipment from the department of communication Tech University. The location took place at Dean hall where he is working at. I prefer to shoot outdoor where the Sun shines clearly.

I use wide and zoom lens, 18-55mm and 70-300 mm. This was good combination. Creating Bokeh effect and candid scenes I used 70-300 mm. Canon Tx3 and 18-55 mm canon lens help me creating good composition and nice tone. For recording, I used wireless sound recording.

For processing, I use Adobe Premier. I also do some research to emphasize the story about home less student. I also took some pictures from internet especially the statistic. I used Adobe Premier to organize and to process the scenes. I added back sound at the intro and the closing scene. The dynamic rhythm was added to present an active mood. I also include B-Roll to create more original scenes. For finishing, I uploaded the video on Youtube.com and WordPress.com

Credit Title

Extraordinary Me

Thanks to

Wyatt Tise

Arkansas Tech University
Multimedia Journalism Major

Language Department

Back sound


Footage Clips


Japanese Tea Garden [SaveYouTube.com]

Fruity Samurai -Episode 2- フルーティー侍 -第二話—SD


Story and Directed

Video Production for New Media
Assignment #7/ March 31, 2015
Iksander @ Production 2015


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