Turning Point of My Life

Turning Point of My Life. The short documentary about a student who get high pressure on his life, but his passion leads him to the college for a better future.

His name is George, this is short name of a politics student of Tech. He was a humble person and so friendly. Therefore, I selected him as my source for the fifth assignment. The topic of this week is about Pressure On. It’s about someone in a very hard situation and struggle for that. I believe that everyone has their own story that can provide an important lesson.

George has proved it, He was a homeless person, but his passion, get him as student of Tech University.

Detail Project 


The preproduction was started one month before the D-day. I emailed some of topics list for him. And, a week later he said he was ok to involve in the project. Friday, March 6, the shooting began. It was a nice Friday.

I borrowed the camera equipment from the department of communication Tech University on Friday. It was so hurry and busy day, because I need to bring all the stuff by walking and hurried by the time. On Friday, March 6, the shooting began. The location took place at Williamson Hall. But, I prefer for outdoor shooting where the sun shines clearly.

I use wide and zoom lens, 18-55mm and 70-300 mm. This was good combination. Creating Bokeh effect and candid scenes I used 70-300 mm. Canon Tx3 and 18-55 mm canon lens help me creating good composition and nice tone. For recording, I used wireless sound recording.

For processing, I use Adobe Premier. I also do some research to emphasize the story about home less student. I also took some pictures from internet especially the statistic. I used Adobe Premier to organize and to process the scenes. I added back sound at the intro and the closing scene. The dynamic rhythm was added to present an active mood. I also include B-Roll to create more original scenes. For finishing, I uploaded the video on Youtube.com and WordPress.com

Bottom of Form

Credit Title

Turning Point of My Life

Thanks to


Arkansas Tech University
Multimedia Journalism Major

Back sound


Story and Directed

Video Production for New Media
Assignment #5/ March 31, 2015
Iksander @ Production 2015


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