Struggle and Achievement

Struggle and Achievement. This title was assigned for the topic of “Catch in the Middle,” in which, a person in a conflict that he never know. I think the conflict could be something in other form rather than a conflict among two side or part. Conflict could be something that made you think hard to decide. This is the conflict involve two or more interest in your mind. A decision that he make will be a struggle. And, this is the story about it that I want to convey.

Balika is a lecture of chemical in private university in Arkansas. She already started his career in teaching. In other side, she feels confuse about this decision because she is also a housewife. Moreover, she lives separately with her husband. This is a conflict that she has. I think it is a common conflict that human has in daily life. Although it is a common thing, I believe there are some lessons from this story that we would get.

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Extraordinary Me

Extraordinary Me. The short documentary about a man who step out from his comfort zone to find other new goal. It might have changed his life.

Wyatt Tise is an assistant professor in Language department of Tech University. Teaching language from the same alphabet like Germany or France is quite easy but how about a language that totally different. Yes, Japanese is an extremely hard to learn. It is needed a lot of time of learning and doing. Wyatt had proven it. Not only fluent and good lecture, but this experience has made him being “Japanese”.

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Turning Point of My Life

Turning Point of My Life. The short documentary about a student who get high pressure on his life, but his passion leads him to the college for a better future.

His name is George, this is short name of a politics student of Tech. He was a humble person and so friendly. Therefore, I selected him as my source for the fifth assignment. The topic of this week is about Pressure On. It’s about someone in a very hard situation and struggle for that. I believe that everyone has their own story that can provide an important lesson.

George has proved it, He was a homeless person, but his passion, get him as student of Tech University.

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