Joyce, a dedicated lady

Description Project Video Assignment #4

The topic of the assignment fourth was Little O’ Me. It is about the story of a person that we meet daily. So, I selected Joyce because she is the woman that I always meet. Joyce, a lovely cashier works at Chamber Cafe in Arkansas that I meet when I have my lunch or dinner. She will share her joy to meet students each day. A person that we pass and see every day could give us a lovely story that inspire us.

Detail Project 


The preproduction was started on Wednesday, March 4 when I talked to him about the project. She agreed with the plan since I said that this was for my assignment purpose. Actually, we planned to started it on the following day, but suddenly the snow come and the campus was off. But, during that time, I made some scripts and story board.

I borrowed the camera equipment from the department of communication Tech University on Friday. It was so hurry and busy day, because I need to bring all the stuff by walking and hurried by the time.


Shooting Day

On Friday, March 6, the shooting began. This was three minutes video so I did not need much scenes as I did with Midterm Project. But, still I have to capture some scenes to make this video perfect. The location was at Chamber Cafetaria where she was working on that day. The interesting part of this shooting was I did not interfere her job so much. Most of the scenes were natural scenes that happened accidentally. It made me glad. Off course, for interview scene, I had to ask her to sit and talked.

The indoor was enough bright so it helped me to shoot. There was also ambiance light from the lamps and the sun that came in from the window. The ambiance light also help to light the indoor scene. For this time, I tried to use longer lens, 70-300 mm to create bokeh effect and candid scenes. It resulted in scenes actually. I  used Canon Tx3 and 18-55 mm canon lens to create wider and close up scenes. For recording, I used wireless sound recording.



I captured a lot of scenes, for examples, close up, zooming, B-roll, wide scene. On Monday evening, I made the final production. I used Adobe Premier to organize and to process the scenes. I added back sound at the intro and the closing scene. The dynamic rhythm was added to present an active mood. I also include B-Roll to create more original scenes. For finishing, I uploaded the video on and

Credit Tittle

Thanks to


Directed by Iksander

Shoot by Canon T3 standard lens

Back sound


Story and Directed


Video Production for New Media

Assignment #4/ March 10, 2015

Iksander @ Production 2015


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